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"Sentence first - verdict afterwards."

The above quote was spoken by the Queen of Hearts character in Lewis Carroll's famous book Alice in Wonderland.  The words, can be used to sum up the aim of this website; let me know what your English problem is and I'll let you know how I can assist.  

For interest:

The quote has a very different meaning in its original context. In the original the "sentence" in question is a criminal sentence (or punishment) and "verdict" means opinion of the jury (or result of a legal trial).  The dangerously crazed Queen of Hearts who uttered the phrase wasn't interested in guilt or innocence. She only wanted to order execution by decapitation and so jumped to the verdict under all circumstances.


I include that explanation, of how a small phrase can have two totally different meanings, to illustrate why, I both find language fascinating and know the importance of using it correctly.  I hope it shows why I do what I do, why I enjoy what I do and why I can help with any project for which you need some English assistance.